About Elena


My Education and Background

  • Obtained my master's degree in Counselling Psychology from UBC
  • Currently pursuing my doctoral degree in Clincial Psychology at Adler University
  • Certified Canadian Counsellor
  • Member of the BC Play Therapy Association
  • Over 15 years experience as a counsellor
  • Worked as a parent-teen conflict counsellor
  • Worked as a counsellor supporting children with FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) and complex behaviour challenges
  • Worked as an elementary school counsellor for the past 9 years


My Approach

While I have been trained in a variety of counselling approaches and techniques, I am a child-centred counsellor at the heart.  This means that I folllow the child's lead in counselling and work with them at their pace.  My warm and open style helps children to feel safe and supported by me, which is essential to the counselling process.


I Understand Because I am a Parent Too...

I am the proud parent of an amazing 15 year old boy. Being his parent is by far my proudest accomplishment! I learn from him each and every day.